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Rebellion Spiced Rum

We created Rebellion Spiced Rum in response to a call for a fuller-tasting traditional Rum. We use natural whole spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom and vanilla that now, as in our Pirate days, are worth their weight in gold. And because we’re rebels, we bottle Rebellion Rum at 37.5%vol as it has always been and always will be.

Furthermore, a direct result of our independent spirit has earned us an extraordinary reputation among bartenders and aficionados alike who have supported us in our decision to forge our own way forward. And in so doing we secured a Silver medal at IWSC 2012 and a "Praiseworthy" recommendation by the independent Difford's Guide. No small achievement for a rebel! 

The natural whole spices we use directly dictate the superior quality of our Rebellion Spiced Rum, resulting in a full flavour and smoothness that needs nothing more than a glass and maybe a single ice cube, (mixers optional!) So stand your ground and settle for nothing less than a real rebel. 

Join the Rebellion and let your taste buds, and your voices be heard!

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